Christmas Stollen with Marzipan and Rum Frangipane Filling

Christmas Stollen with Marzipan

The title of this post is a bit of a mouthful, I know. But I didn’t want you to think this was just any old stollen. First, I baked this stollen in honor of the Bon Appetit holiday bake-off and party, which I was super thrilled to be asked to participate in. Second, I think [...]

Muffin-Tin Cherry Pies

Muffin-Tin Cherry Pies

I wanted a pie version of the cupcake. That is to say, a portable, easy to eat in a couple of bites, cute-as-a-button version of a slice of pie. I didn’t think that little pie tins would allow easy release of said imaginary mini-pie, so I decided to use a muffin tin. Now, I’m not [...]

Winter Vegetable Crostata with Goat Cheese and Thyme

Winter Vegetable Crostata with Goat Cheese and Thyme

March is so hard. Here in Brooklyn, the weather is starting to warm up, making me think about strawberries, asparagus, ramps, garlic scapes, peas, favas – argh!  Did I mention I’m sick of winter? I’m making lemonade out of lemons here by continuing to celebrate winter’s bounty – yams and winter squash and beets and [...]

King Cake

King Cake for Mardi Gras

One of my closest friends is from New Orleans, and last year we made King Cake together to celebrate Mardi Gras. She has since moved to Seattle, but I miss her and thought that I’d make King Cake again this year, in honor of her and of New Orleans. King Cake is basically a type [...]

Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza with Fresh Basil

I know that there are some strong opinions out there about pizza – so pizza fanatics (you know who you are), don’t give me too much grief. I’m happy to hear what you have to say: just be gentle with me. I’m sensitive. As a preemptive defense I say, c’mon, give me a break – [...]

Turkey Pot Pie

Turkey Pot Pie

Aside from turkey sandwiches (with homemade mayo?) on white bread, this might be the most delicious way to use up leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. If you have leftover greens, like kale (or even Brussels sprouts), you could also add them to the pie. You could even throw in roasted cauliflower or other leftover vegetables. Just [...]

Ground Cherry Clafoutis

Unhusked Ground Cherries

Yes, I said “ground cherry” – not just plain old “cherry” (which aren’t in season now anyhow). Ground cherries are also known as “cape gooseberries” – not to be confused with real gooseberries, which are totally different.  Ground cherries look like little tiny tomatillos, complete with papery husks. From the research I’ve done, it seems [...]

Apple Pie with Boiled Cider

Apple Pie with Boiled Cider

Is there anything better than apple pie with ice cream?  The answer might be apple pie made with boiled cider, a caramely, appley addition that adds a lot of depth of flavor to the American classic. I would like to eat this pie with caramel ice cream…or, I suppose, vanilla will do… For Crust: 2 [...]

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