Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup 2009

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup 2009

Here are some seasonal ideas culled from Brooklyn Farmhouse for your Thanksgiving meal – from starters to sides to dessert. I don’t include a turkey recipe because I always make Tom Colicchio’s Herb Butter Turkey – it’s the best. Happy Thanksgiving! Starters and Nibbles Spicy Crock-Pot Apple Butter – Serve with cheddar or brie (or [...]

Buttermilk Shortcakes with Strawberry Sorbet and Vanilla Bean Creme Fraiche Sauce

Buttermilk Shortcakes with Stawberry Sorbet and Vanilla Bean Creme Fraiche Sauce

Whoa – two strawberry posts in a row! I should’ve planned this whole blogging thing out a little bit better. Because strawberries are so delightful and so in-season right now, I guess I don’t really care that I have two strawberry posts in a row. Really, I don’t. This is Thomas Keller’s recipe from the [...]

Earth Day at Brooklyn Farmhouse

Dairy Cow at Battenkill Creamery in New York State

I’m really not one for resolutions. I half-heartedly make them on New Year’s, only to promptly break them a day or two later. But I think the sentiment is a good one: think about things you want to accomplish in the coming year, and inch toward those goals. Don’t beat yourself up for not adhering [...]

Vegetable-Dyed Easter Eggs

Vegetable-dyed Easter Eggs

Put the last of the season’s root vegetables to good use for this Easter kitchen project! Vegetable dyes won’t give you vibrantly colored Easter eggs – the hues are much more subtle and natural looking, almost as if you raided the nests of different chicken breeds. Making your own vegetable dye is a little more [...]

Homemade Candied Ginger, Ginger Syrup, and Ginger Ale

Homemade Ginger Ale

A trifecta of ginger deliciousness! Actually, the candied ginger is a byproduct of the ginger syrup (or is ginger syrup the byproduct of candied ginger??): you can’t create one without the other.  I had a bit of a hankering for homemade ginger ale, because it’s so much spicier than store bought and I felt like [...]

Tomato Sauce Smackdown

Tomato Sauce Smackdown

With few exceptions, my general philosophy is that homemade food tastes better and is a lot cheaper than commercially-prepared food. While the “taste better” part of that philosophy is, admittedly, a bit subjective and hard to covey over the internets, the “a lot cheaper” part is subject to actual quantitative analysis and can be proven, [...]

Homemade Applesauce with Star Anise

Apples ready for applesauce

I actually timed how long it took me to prep to make applesauce – less than 10 minutes total. That includes peeling, coring, and chopping 5 apples. What’s my point? It really doesn’t take that long to make stuff from scratch. OK – I know there is a little bit of cooking involved, but once [...]

Salt Dough Ornaments

Dough ornaments in the shape of food

Technically you can’t eat salt dough ornaments, but they are made from edible things (flour, water, salt). My parents still hang ornaments that I made as a little kid (30 some-odd years ago) – that’s how durable they are. This is a fun kitchen project to do with kids – just keep in mind that [...]

Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter

Yes, I know you can buy perfectly delicious butter in the grocery store. But really, making your own isn’t all that complicated, and it’s really fun to do. Making butter is a great project for kids, too – it’s an exercise in showing them where even our most elemental cooking products (e.g., butter) come from. [...]

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